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Inforama's Product Offerings
Data Collection
Create Your Own Custom Web Forms
Web forms enable fast & efficient data collection like never before
Document Production
Multi-Format, High Volume, Predictable
Document Production takes the pain out of creating documents
Combine Data Collection via Web Forms with Document Production
to ensure Consistent, Reliable & Compliant Documents
Why Inforama?
Inforama's cloud platform will help you streamline processes around data capture and document production in a regulated, compliant, accurate and cost effective way.
Assign cases to users and watch as the responses come into your dashboard
  • Collect data once (on or offline)
  • Populate multiple document types immediately or at a future date
  • Manage and track client data and templates in the same centralised location
  • Assign various access rights to stakeholders, allowing for real time collaboration
Inforama for Developers
Use the extensive Rest or SOAP APIs to Integrate Inforama with in-house or other cloud services
Our API guide will take you through the process of integrating with our services.
Our extensive examples will get you up and running with our services in no time.
Inforama is a powerful platform made more powerful in the right hands. Our partner program is structured to bring value to clients and partners alike...